eHelps has been developed using ancient Chinese medicine concepts. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has revolved around the idea that everything in the material world belongs to one of the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Every phenomenon in the Universe, everything in nature, including the internal organs of the human body, can be categorized within one of the Five Elements.

Yin and Yang are the positive and negative forces of the Universe. Chi is the life force. When the Five Elements are in the proper proportion, Yin and Yang come into balance and your Chi circulates freely throughout your body.

If Yin and and Yang are out of balance, or your Chi stops flowing freely, your health can fall into distress, or disease. Bringing the Five Elements into harmony can restore the flow of Chi, returning your body to good health and promoting longevity.

Based on this ancient wisdom, eHelps researched the best natural ingredients, mainly plants and herbs. They created a range of products formulated with the right ingredients in precise ratios to support the Five Elements theory.

eHelps is committed to making the highest quality products without any compromises. All the products are made from the purest ingredients without any chemicals or additives.

eHelps makes more than just nutritionals – they are distinguished nutritionals that deliver wellness results you can feel, measure and want to tell a friend about.