BioBetic+™ (60 Capsules) - Helps Naturally Maintain Blood Sugar

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Quick Overview

 Helps maintain blood sugar levels
 Helps improve production and use of insulin
 Helps boost energy
 Helps improve circulation

BioBetic+™ (60 Capsules) -  Helps Naturally Maintain Blood Sugar

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BioBetic+™ is a new, plant based herbal supplement that is formulated to help maintain blood sugar levels each day. The natural ingredients in BioBetic+™ can help repair pancreas and insulin secretion, help enhance cellular regeneration, help establish systemic balance, thus help stabilize our glucose level and help improve overall health.

Key Benefits:• Helps stabilize glucose level • Helps improve circulation and blood flow • Helps improve carbohydrate metabolism and boost energy • Helps improve cholesterol level • Helps promote a healthy pancreas Lower your blood sugar levels in a natural way!

How It Works

BioBetic+™ is a natural supplement that can help to maintain your blood sugar levels each day. Best of all, BioBetic+™ does this using only natural, plant-based ingredients that come right out of the Earth. No harmful or risky chemicals, drugs, or additives are involved. Many of the ingredients contained in BioBetic+™ have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to manage blood sugar levels, including cinnamon, mulberry, and lotus leaf extract.

BioBetic+™ works because our natural ingredients help maintain blood sugar (glucose) levels, help the body use glucose more efficiently, and help improve the production and use of insulin in the body. The ingredients contained in BioBetic+™ can also help assist with the digestion of carbohydrates, which become sugar in the blood. It is important to effectively manage the body's fuel it needs to function in a healthy way. A supplement like BioBetic+™ assists the body in helping to manage glucose levels and effectively using the fuel put into the body at each meal. The natural plant extracts can also help manage cholesterol levels and circulation, and healthy cholesterol levels and circulation are important.

Proper blood flow helps your body distribute nutrients more efficiently, leading to healthier, happier, and better functioning muscles and organs. Some studies have indicated that proper circulation and nutrient distribution can help your glucose levels stay down and work to reduce the effects of high blood sugar levels, and BioBetic+ works right in that direction! Simply take BioBetic+ each day as part of your regular regimen , and set yourself on a path to natural and healthy living!

The following are the ingredients in BioBetic™:
Hawthorn Extract Lotus Leaf Extract Mulberry Root Bark Extract Bitter Melon Extract Mulberry Leaf Extract

Hawthorn  has been found to help improve circulation by increasing the blood supply to the heart. Studies have shown that it can be effective in lowering blood pressure in people with diabetes. Also, it can have an anti-hyperglycemic effect, meaning it can help to reduce blood glucose levels.

Lotus Leaf  has been used byancient Chinese to treat and improve a variety of health issues. It can help digestion, improve liver health, and help invigorate the blood and thus improve circulation.

Mulberry Root Bark  is thought to help regulate carbohydrate and glucose metabolism, which is important in terms of health, particularly for individuals with diabetes or at risk of diabetes.

Leaf  has been traditionally used by many cultures around the world to treat diabetes. Studies have shown that it contains a compound that can help to inhibit the digestion of carbohydrates and blood sugar control. It can help reduce the levels of glucose and insulin in the blood after a meal, making it a preventative supplement for individuals who are at risk for diabetes.
1. Is BioBetic+ safe to use?
Yes. BioBetic+ is formulated with natural plant extracts used to safely help regulate blood sugar levels.  All of the ingredients are found in nature and are safe for use as part of a daily diet or in supplement form.


2. Is it important to include BioBetic+ in a healthy diet?
Yes. A healthy diet should be part of every individual’s regimen, but it is especially important for individuals who have high blood sugar levels. A regimen that includes a healthy diet and exercise is crucial for the health of people managing this condition. BioBetic+ can be added as part of a healthy regimen to support and maintain your health because it can help regulate glucose levels. The best results can be expected when BioBetic+ is combined with proper nutrition and exercise. 

3.  How long do I have to take BioBetic+? 
Just as a healthy diet and exercise should be a regular part of a healthy lifestyle, so should an all-natural herbal supplement like BioBetic+. Because our supplement is natural and derived from plants and fruits that are known to be beneficial to a person’s health, adding BioBetic+ to your regular routine is recommended; long term use is recommended and safe. 

4.  When should I take BioBetic+? 
For regulation of glucose levels, take 2 capsules 10 minutes before each meal, do not take more than 6 capsules per day.

5. Why is BioBetic+ a good supplement choice for individuals who are unable to make insulin or their body is unresponsive to insulin's effects?
Insulin is necessary for the regulation of blood sugar levels and helps convert sugar into energy. A person who cannot make insulin or is unresponsive to it, thus, needs assistance to regulate glucose and effectively produce or use insulin. An herbal supplement like BioBetic+ which helps support or improve these important functions in the body is a good and natural option for blood sugar level management and better health. 

6. Can I take BioBetic+ while I’m taking medication?
It should be safe and beneficial. However, you should always consult with your physician before taking any supplements or medications or if you have any health concerns. 

7. Can nursing or pregnant women take BioBetic+? 
Nursing and pregnant women should consult their health care professionals before taking this or any other product. 

8. How many capsules are in a bottle of BioBetic+?
There are 60 capsules in one bottle of BioBetic+.

9. What are the ingredients in BioBetic+? 
Hawthorn Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Mulberry Root Bark Extract, Bitter Melon Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Mulberry Extract. All the ingredients are natural extracts from plants. 

10. Who needs BioBetic+?
Those who need to regulate glucose levels, those who want help managing sugar cravings, those who want improved circulation, those who would like more energy.