BioHope+™ (60 Capsules) - Herbal Assistance for Immune Support

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Quick Overview

  • Helps improves the body’s ability to heal and protect itself

  • Delivers nutrients that strengthen the self-healing and immune systems

  • Helps detoxifies the body of harmful substances due to environmental exposure or treatment

  • Fortify the body with nutrients

BioHope+™ (60 Capsules) -  Herbal Assistance for Immune Support

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Key Benefits of BioHope+™: • Helps strengthen and repair your immune system • Contains antioxidants which are known to fight free radicals • Helps to fortify the weakened body with nutrients • Helps detoxify the body of the accumulated toxins How To Relieve Stomach Discomfort?

How It Works

Our immune system is nature’s best tool for us to beat cancer and the underlying causes that lead to cancer! American Cancer Society has announced that around 10% of cancer patients successfully defeated cancer with little to none cancer treatments; this is mainly because they have a strong immune system. The immune system is a complex network of cells and organs that work together to defend our body from foreign invaders. Our body forms up to 100 trillion new cells everyday, and our immune system is responsible for monitoring the production of these cells. When it senses a mutated cell, the immune system will attack and effectively eliminate the bad cells. Lymphocytes, including T cells and B cells, are a type of white blood cell that can eliminate cancerous cells. T cells release pore-forming proteins that directly attack infected, foreign, or cancerous cells. B cells secrete proteins called antibodies that can recognize and attach to foreign substances. Lymphocytes, together with phagocytes, constantly monitor and eliminate the foreign invaders in our body, thus keeping us strong and healthy. If we don’t have a strong immune system, these bad cells might develop into cancerous cells, and we cannot prevent illnesses and cancer. Having a strong self healing ability together with a healthy immune system is the best treatment against cancer, as it provides long term resistance. In order to prevent disease and heal our body, it is important that our natural self-healing system remains active and strong. For cancer to develop, our immune system is typically worn out, ineffective, and unable to deal with cancerous cells. A natural herbal supplement like BioHope+ may provide our body the support it needs to keep these important systems healthy and strong. By helping to activate and maintain our body’s natural capacity to heal, BioHope+ can help prevent cancer, can help support the healing process for individuals with the disease, and can also help detoxify the body after treatment, strengthening the body’s ability to prevent the disease from returning. The healing herbs in BioHope+ can nourish, repair, and improve this ability, helping to prevent and fight disease more effectively. The ingredients in BioHope+ are derived from plant sources that contain nutrients, immune boosting properties, and compounds that have many health benefits. Improving overall health is necessary if the body is going to be able to self-heal and prevent disease, or if it is going to be able support the healing process during cancer treatment. BioHope+ can help you promote a strong immune system that can help get you on the path to prevention or recovery, while a healthy immune system works together with this system to prevent disease from reoccurring. The blend of ingredients in BioHope+ is rich in nutrients and also contains antioxidants which are known to fight free radicals that are believed to cause cancer. These nutrients and antioxidants can also help you repair and strengthen the body’s immune and self-healing system, which are extremely important during and after treatment. Many cancer treatments introduce harmful toxins and chemicals into the body with the purpose of fighting the disease. However, treatment also weakens the immune system and the body’s natural defenses, worsening the conditions that led to cancer to begin with. A weak body and a weak healing and defense system can increase the risk of remission. BioHope+ fortifies the body with nutrients and helps detoxify the body of the accumulated poisons due to therapy. Detoxifying and strengthening the body after having cancer and going through treatment can help to prevent future recurrences of the disease. Therefore, maintaining a strong and active immune system and self-healing system is especially important. How Immune System Fights Cancer Lymphocytes, including T cells and B cells, are a type of white blood cell that can eliminate cancerous cells. Lymphocytes, together with phagocytes, constantly monitor and eliminate the foreign invaders in our body, thus keeping us strong and healthy. Cytotoxic T cells release pore-forming proteins that directly attack cancerous cells while Helper T cells signal other immune system defender. B cells secrete proteins called antibodies that can recognize and attach to foreign cells, thus making it easier for macrophage to ingest. A strong immune system can eliminate all foreign invaders and fight cancer, improving your overall health.
BioHope+™ contains the following ingredients for assistance with relief of gastric and digestive issues:

Shiitake Mushroom is native to East Asia and is commonly used in a variety of herbal remedies. They are believed to help fight the development of cancer. Studies have shown that among its many healthy compounds is an anticancer component called lentinan that is thought to be beneficial in cancer treatment, in particular for stomach and colorectal cancer. 

 Golden Needle Mushroom 
Golden Needle Mushroom is believed to have properties that boost the immune system. The golden needle mushroom’s ability to boost the immune system promotes more defensive cells, which help in the fight against cancer cells and their proliferation. The mushroom is said to contain an anti-tumor polysaccharide that was found to have anti-tumor effects. 


Agaricus Mushroom 
Agaricus Mushroom is used to help treat digestive problems, liver disease, high cholesterol, and it is also used for the prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, and cancers. Research suggests it can help boost the immune system and that it has properties that can prevent tumors. 


Hericium has beneficial properties that may help with cancers of the digestive organs, esophagus, liver, and skin. It has also been used to promote digestive health, general strength, improve blood pressure, and as a source of nutrition.


Wolfberry is an extremely nutrient rich food that has been used to treat a variety of conditions including, fatigue and poor vision, and it may help support healthy immune function. Research has shown that Wolfberry may have anti-tumor properties, the ability to enhance the immune system, and it may have a positive effect in the fight against breast cancer.


Ganoderma is used to help prevent a variety of health problems. Because of its immune system boosting properties, Ganoderma is sometimes used as an immune boosting supplement for cancer patients and other individuals with illnesses that weaken the immune system. It has the ability to fight the development of cancer cells as well as help relieve the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea. 



Cordyceps has been used to stimulate, or strengthen, the immune system. It has anti-tumor properties and is used to help treat cancer. Cordyceps has also been demonstrated to help increase energy. Cordyceps mushroom is a rare but popular mushroom from China, and it is interesting because it is parasitic, growing out of caterpillars.



Birch Mushroom 
Birch Mushroom has been used as a traditional remedy for a variety of health problems for a long time. It has been used as an antiviral and anti-inflammatory treatment, it is thought to strengthen the immune system, and it is also believed to aid in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

1. What are the benefits of taking BioHope+? 
BioHope+ contains ingredients that are known for their health benefits and their ability to strengthen and improve your body’s natural self-healing abilities. Therefore, taking BioHope+ can help build your body’s defenses as it improves your body’s ability to heal itself, strengthens your immune system, and by delivering healing nutrients into your body.  BioHope+  promotes better digestion and circulation, increases energy, relieves inflammation, improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and provides antioxidant protection.

2. Is it important to combine BioHope+ with a healthy diet?
According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent most forms of cancers. Therefore, combining BioHope+ with a healthy diet can increase the preventive benefits.

 3. Will BioHope+ interfere with any medication I am taking?
We always recommended that you consult with your physician before taking any supplements or medications. 


 4. How long will it take before I see results from taking BioHope+?
BioHope+ is an all-natural herbal supplement; therefore, it does take some time for your system to absorb what it provides. Results vary from person to person depending on their individual system and their initial state of health.

 5. When should I take BioHope+?
Take two capsules half an hour before each meal.

 6. Can I take BioHope+ over long periods of time?
Yes, BioHope+ helps activate and strengthen your self-healing system, your immune system, and it helps you fight the development of harmful  cells. Therefore, taking BioHope+ over a long period of time is beneficial for your health and helps in prevention. Consistent use can lead to long term improvement of health.

7. How many capsules are contained in one bottle of BioHope+? 
There are 60 capsules in one bottle of BioHope+.

8.Who needs BioHope+?

People who need BioHope+ include: • Those who want to prevent the development of dangerous cells• Those who want to strengthen their self-healing and immune system for protection against illnesses • Those who want to boost the healing process, especially after therapy • Those who want more energy and more nutrients。