BioOxy - Help Cleanse Free Radicals

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  Helps provide antioxidant protection
  Helps maintain cognitive health
  Helps support immune functions
  Helps maintain cardiovascular health
  Helps remove free radicals and restore normal organ function

BioOxy - Help Cleanse Free Radicals

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Excess free radicals can cause a multitude of harm to our bodies, from speeding up aging to inducing various diseases. Research has shown that free radicals are the cause of at least 70 diseases such as cold/flu, allergic rhinitis, tracheitis, asthma, stroke, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, and cancers, etc.

Free Radicals

BioOxy is a proprietary blend containing extract powders from a proprietary blend of natural plants that can help protect yourself against free radicals with antioxidants is the most effective way to reduce the risk of many health problems associated with aging. The benefits of antioxidants include powerful protection against cold and flu, allergies, and aging by strengthening the immune system.
BioOxy is a proprietary blend containing extract powders from the following natural plants: 


Acai berry contains some of the highest levels of antioxidants on the market. It is believed to have substantially more antioxidants than pomegranates, red grapes, blueberries and other fruits, with studies showing up to 33 times the antioxidant properties as red wine grapes

Pomegranate is a rich source of folic acid, potassium, niacin, iron, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants. One pomegranate delivers 40 percent of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement.


Mangosteen is said to help neutralize free radicals, to help support the immune system, to help support healthy joint function, to help aid the respiratory system, and to help the body fight viruses.


Goji berry has been a traditional medical food in the Asian regions for centuries.


Noni helps strengthen the immune system, give energy, and improve propensity to heal. Noni naturally contains several vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C, Niacin, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.


Grape seed is rich in polyphenols, compounds with high antioxidant activity that are more powerful than both vitamins C and E. With its ability to help lessen free radical damage, it has been found to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Red wine contributes to healthy circulation and help maintain it by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins, and promoting overall cardiovascular health.


Pine bark has four basic properties: it is a powerful antioxidant, helps act as a natural anti-inflammatory, selectively binds to collagen and elastin, and helps aid in the production of endothelial nitric oxide, which helps dilate blood vessels.


Green tea (caffeine free) has been used to boost immune functions. It supports liver health and contains catechin, which shows a wide range of protective effects, including cardio-protective, chemo-protective, and antimicrobial properties.


Citrus Bioflavonoid helps  promote cardiovascular health, help maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins, and demonstrate anti-inflammatory activity.


Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that acts as one of the key nutritional antioxidants, has been proven to be important for the growth and repair of body tissues, supports cardiovascular health, and lessens oxidative stress. 


Cranberry promotes gastrointestinal and oral health, lessen the formation of kidney stones, lower LDL and raise HDL (good) cholesterol, aid in recovery from stroke, and even help lessen the risk of cancer. 

Blueberry , packed with antioxidant phytonutrients called anthocyanins, helps neutralize free radical damage to the collagen matrix of cells and tissues that can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers, heart disease and cancer.

1. Who needs BioOxy?
BioOxy benefits everyone, especially those who are susceptible to common colds and suffer from allergies. BioOxy helps those who become easily irritated by environmental factors or experience dizziness, memory loss, reduced physical health, and other subhealth conditions. BioOxy may also serve as a preventative approach to aging and promotes younger, brighter and more radiant skin with reduced pigmentation.


2. How long do I have to take BioOxy, and how long will it take before I feel or see the results of taking it? 
Antioxidants are necessary for the protection of your cells as long as you live and breathe. BioOxy helps you restore and prevent some of the damage free radicals cause. The amount of time it will take to see the results of taking BioOxy will vary with each individual. Everyone has a different metabolism and body chemistry rate. However, the longer you take BioOxy the better the results will be. 

3. How does BioOxy support the immune system? 
BioOxy shields immune cells from environmental damage and encourages the production of bacteria-busting white blood cells. In addition, antioxidants protect the enzymes that repair DNA damage, thereby enhancing your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself. 

4. How many times a day do I need to take BioOxy? 
It’s recommended to take one or two capsule before or after each meal.

5. How many capsules are in one bottle of BioOxy? 
One bottle contains 60 capsules.